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Energy Saving Tips

Don't leave water running while brushing your teeth or shaving.

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Engr. Senator Rukhsana Zuberi, after taking over the charge of Chairperson Pakistan Engineering Council, took many initiatives in terms of energy efficiency within Pakistan Engineering Council. Energy Audit of the main building was conducted and retrofitting was undertaken by replacing heavy lighting fixtures with energy savers, using maximum day light by putting clear glass partitions and windows. PEC is aspiring to play a lead role in bringing energy efficiency and promoting renewable clean energy. PEC has planned a series of capacity building training and awareness workshops for energy conservation in Pakistan. The recent International Conference on Energy Conservation Efficiency and Renewable attracted large number of initiatives.

   First On-Grid Solar System at PEC Building

Under the Clean Energy Initiative, an on-grid solar power generation system of 110 KW capacity will be installed under Grant-Aid from the Government of Japan at Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and another at Planning Commission. The Government of Japan has extended a grant of Yen 480,000,000 (US $ 5.4 million) for the programme. The Secretary, Economic Affairs Division and The Ambassador of Japan in Pakistan signed the Exchange of Note on behalf of their respective Governments on February 11, 2010. The project has gone into the implementation with tentative commissioning in December 2011. This project is first of its kind in the country, which would set precedent as a role model of defining procedures and strategy for on-grid solar power generation and is expected to prove an effective measure to overcome the energy shortage, emphasizing on solar power, for which there is big scope with relatively less investment.

   Building Energy Code of Pakistan

The ENERCON and PEC have reached a productive collaboration in implementation of the Building Energy Code of Pakistan (BECP) and outreach to the different builders, architects and contractors have been focused. PEC has ensured full support for the implementation and assistance in this regard. A Task Force for implementation of Building Energy Code of Pakistan (BECP) has been constituted taking relevant stakeholder organizations on board. The main scope of the Task Force is to finalize the BECP in consideration of experts' review, devising framework for implementation, developing user and compliance manuals, strengthening of testing facilities, capacity building of the users/designers.
It is hoped that a culture of social responsibility especially in the field of civil construction will be created as it is crucial for the cause of climate change and energy efficiency.

   Prime Minister's Initiative for Solar Power

The main objective of this initiative is to promote & popularize solar energy in the country to overcome energy crises with sustainable environmental conditions. However, the specific objectives are to:

i.Popularize the use of solar energy so that people accept it as a dependable source of energy.
ii.To reduce power burden from the national grid
iii.Once the people are convinced they will put in their own money to avail solar power systems
iv.To encourage indigenization of the technology relating solar energy generation.

Through Prime Minister of Pakistan Initiative for Solar Power, a pilot project is being implemented for shifting initially selected number of government buildings, universities, religious places and public areas on solar energy. The model units with different capacity (600 W, 1k W, 3k W and 5k W) are being installed at 55 sites across the country.