Akhter Solar Limited   |   Private

User Area : Solar/PV
Type of Organization : Manufacturer
Concerned Person : Prof. Humayun Mughal / Sharjeel Ahmed Sulehri
Telephone : +92-51- 2802462
Fax : (+92-51) 2802464
Address : Office # 11, 3rd Floor, Malik Complex (East), Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad - 44000, Pakistan
Email :
Website :

Area of Expertise : Solar Module Manufacturing
Equipment/ Machines available : Complete Solar Module Manufacturing Line
Experts with their relevant area : Prof. Humayun Mughal (R&D), Dr. Sh. Muhammad Younus (Production)
Products and Services : Crystalline-Silicon based Photovoltaic (Solar) Modules & Grid Connected Solar Power Stations
Capacity per shift for each product : 64MW per annum
Estimated Cost for each product : n/a

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Mechanism : ISO 9001:2008 Certified Management System
Testing Facilities : In House Product Verification Testing Facility
Certification : CE Mark, IEC61215 & IEC617030 ed.1&2

Past projects / Joint Ventures/ Collaborations : Solar Power Stations in Spain & UK. Various Projects by Channel Partners in Pakistan
Affiliations (national/ international : With multiple European & Chinese Companies
Other information : n/a