National Institute of Biogas Engineering    |   Private

User Area : Geo-thermal,Bio-mass/bio-fuels,Energy from waste
Type of Organization : Supplier,Operation & Maintenance,Consultant,Service Provider,Education/Training
Concerned Person : Muneeb Iqbal Sheikh
Telephone : 0614556413
Fax : 0616773013
Address : Chowk Qazzafi, Masoom Shah Road.
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Area of Expertise : Eperties in Biogas Plant Design & Applications
Equipment/ Machines available : Pilot Plant installed capable of producing 64 KW electricity from bio gas.
Experts with their relevant area : 8
Products and Services : NIBE offers a wide array of technical engineering services from plant design to commissioning. Preliminary engineering Detailed engineering Biogas energy utilization (electrical, thermal, gas grid, vehicular) Biogas safety plans Drawings Tender documents Project management Site supervision Biogas plant commissioning Biogas plant optimization
Capacity per shift for each product : n/a
Estimated Cost for each product : n/a

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Mechanism : n/a
Testing Facilities : n/a
Certification : n/a

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Other information : First Institute in Pakistan for the research & development of biomass.