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User Area : Solar/PV,Solar Water Pumps,LEDs/ LEVs & allied products,Solar geysers, water heaters and allied products,Factory Automation & Embedded Controls (Division), Power Generation & Protection (Division),Civil Construction (Division), Security & Safety (Divisio
Type of Organization : Manufacturer,Importer,Supplier,Operation & Maintenance,Service Provider
Concerned Person : Sajjad Muhammad Khan
Telephone : +92-333-4247872
Fax : +92-42-35220694, +92-51-4492004
Address : 142, Industrial Triangle Kahutta Road, Islamabad-Pakistan
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Area of Expertise : For the last 15 years, we are specialized in the following fields: 1. Electrical Consultancy / Safety services. 2. Lighting Services. 3. CNG Equipment / Safety services. 4. Generators Sales & Services. 5. SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) & Data Logging. 6. PLC Programming (IEC 61131-3), LADDER Programming. 7. DCS (Distributed Control System). 8. FIL Induction Lighting Solutions. 9. LDB (Light Distribution Boards). 10. Control Panels of All Sorts (Relay Logic & PLC Based). 11. Training in the field of Automation & Omron control Components. 12. Weather Radar Solution, Thunderstorm Sensors, Software etc. 13. Surge & Spike protection equipment (UPS, Stabilizer, Surge Protectors), Isolation Transformers, Variable Frequency AC Motor Drives (Delta, Make=Taiwan), Fault Indication Panels, AMF Panels & Earthing Solution (Sankosha Earthing Solution, Japanese Technique) 14. Advance materials in Earthing (SUPER EARTH Earthing Material) 15. Civil Engineering. Page 2 of 19 16. Civil Construction & Steel Structures. 17. Surveillance Systems (CCTV, RFID, Security Systems) 18. Solar Systems (Heating/Lighting Solutions) 19. GAI-TRONICS (Road Side Communication Systems) 20. Security & Safety Solution
Equipment/ Machines available : n/a
Experts with their relevant area : n/a
Products and Services : 1. Factory Automation & Embedded Controls Division: OMRON (Japan) PLC and Control Components, DCS (Distributed Control System). SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) & Data Logging. PLC Programming (IEC 61131-3), LADDER Programming. Fatek Automation Solution, Taiwan. Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives (POWER ELECTRONICS, SPAIN). HMI Solution, BEIJER SWEDEN & HI-TECH TAIWAN. SIMEX, Variable Process Solution, POLAND. HC Anti-Harmonic Active Filter (SALICRU SPAIN). Sequence Control System (For Air Conditioners). Universal Measuring Device, (Janitza Electronics, Germany). PLC Training Kits, OMRON, FATEK, DELTA. Cabling Solutions (HALUKABEL, Germany). 2. Lighting Solutions (FIL):  FIL Fine Induction Lamp Technology (Energy Saving Light) with 3& 5 years replacement warranty and 100,000 hours life and 0.98 power factor. Emergency Light from with battery back up of 1 to 3 hours. FESL T5 in T8 Tube Light high Energy Saving 0.95 power factor. 20,000 hours life, 95 lumens/watt output. FESL LED Down lighters and LED Tube Rods 3. Solar Solutions: Solar Water Heater (Geyser) Solution, domestic & industrial. Solar Home Solution, DC Fan & Lamp, Solar Pool Heating Solution. Solar FIL Street Light Solution. Solar GSM Solution, Solar Billboard Lighting Solution, Solar Traffic Signals. Solar Power House Solution, Solar Cooling & Heating Solution. 4. Power Generation & Protection Division: Diesel/Gas, 5 KVA-2250 KVA, (Deutz Series, Cummins Series, Perkins Series). UPS (Finepower & Salicru Spain), Uninterrupted Power Supply, Long Backup Series. Stabilizers/Servo Motor, Single Phase, Three Phase, 500VA to 5MW. Surge Protection Devices. Fingerprint & Card Attendance, Access Controls System. Earthing Solutions. 5. Security & Safety Division We provide safety & security solution which include; Security Cameras (IP & CCTV), Security Sensors, Motion Sensors, Occupancy Sensors, Portable Barriers, Gate Drive System and Security Glass Films. Everlux(Photoluminescent Signs)
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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Mechanism : Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000
Testing Facilities : I have testing facility of our products.
Certification : Pakistan Engineering Council(C-4 & O-6)Category. Registration Certificate with(Chief Inspector of Factories Islamabad) Membership Certificate with(Islamabad & Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industries). Registration Certificate with(Form-C)(Islamabad Administration). NTN Certifcate GST Certificate Professional Tax Certificate

Past projects / Joint Ventures/ Collaborations : AUTOMATION PROJECTS FOR DIFFERENT INDUSTRY:  SPORTS INDUSTRY: a) Inflating Stations. b) Automation in Bladder section. c) San-Earth (Modern Technology Earthing) d) Time & Attendance System. e) Automation of Boiler. f) Automation for Football Kicking Machine. g) Spare parts for PLC’s & Digital Indicator. h) Football Air Testing Station. MAJOR CLIENTS FOR SPORTS INDUSTRY  SAGA SPORTS (SIALKOT)  AWAN SPORTS (SIALKOT)  CERAMIC INDUSTRY. Automation of CARMATIC MACHINE for Ceramic Industries and Supply of industrial control components. MAJOR CLIENTS FOR CERAMIC INDUSTRY  KARAM CERAMICS (KARACHI) Page 6 of 19  MASTER TILES & CERAMICS (GJRANWALA)  MARBLE INDUSTRY. a) Fully automatic vertical cutting machines two pillar & four pillars with functions of cutting Marble & Granite having five different type of cutting modes, along with trolley variable speed control. b) Cross cutter machine speed & direction control system. c) Gantry Crane low voltage Control systems. d) Polishing Plant head controls. e) Variable down feed cutting speed control of Gang saw machine along with safety interlocks, automatic oil feeding & screw protection mechanism. MAJOR CLIENTS FOR MARBLE INDUSTRY  UNITED TOOLS (ISLAMABAD)  NATIONAL MARBLE (ISLAMABAD)  KOHSAR MARBLE (ISLAMABAD)  HUSSAIN MARBLE (RAWALPINDI)  LORALAI MARBLE (LORALAI, QUETTA)  IQBAL MARBLE (SHABQADAR PESHAWAR)  CHITRAL MARBLE (CHITRAL)  CHEMICAL INDUSTRY. Data Acquisition (SCADA) of chemicals turbine section with real time chart recording & report generation. MAJOR CLIENTS FOR CHEMICAL INDUSTRY  OLYMPIA CHEMICALS (S.I.T.E VARCHA)  ASDAQ CHEMICALS (ISLAMABAD)  OIL & GAS INDUSTRY. Automation & SCADA control of remote shut down systems for Adhi oil wells.  METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT. Supply of Boltek (Thunder storm Sensors + Software) to Pak Met Department Islamabad. + Proposal of Weather Radar System to MET LHR for Mangla, Lahore & Sialkot Weather Radar. Page 7 of 19  TEXTILE INDUSTRY. PLC based system for Blow Room & Supply of Automation Products. MAJOR CLIENTS FOR TEXTILE INDUSTRY  REDCO TEXTILE LTD (ISLAMABAD)  RESHI TEXTILE MILLS LTD (ISLAMABAD)  SPINGHAR TEXTILE MILLS LTD (HARIPUR)  AL-HAMD TEXTILE MILLS (D.G. KHAN)  IBRAHIM FIBRES (FAISALABAD)  KOHINOOR TEXTILE MILLS LTD (RAWALPINDI)  TOBACCO INDUSTRY. PLC Based Automation solution for packaging and detection systems for Tobacco Machines. MAJOR CLIENTS FOR TOBACCO INDUSTRY  LAKSON TOBACCO COMPANY (KARACHI)  LAKSON TOBACCO COMPANY (MANDRA)  LAKSON TOBACCO COMPANY (AKORA KHATTAK)  PAKISTAN TOBACCO CO LTD (LAHORE)  INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES. PLC Based Automation of Injection Molding Machines. MAJOR CLIENTS FOR MOLDING INDUSTRY  SUNNY CO (LAHORE)  PAK FANS (GUJRAT)  GUJRAT FANS (GUJRAT)  YAZCO AUTOMATION (GUJRAT)  PACKING INDUSTRY.  Automation of Blow Room (REDCO Textile Mills)  Automation of packaging plant-using PLC’s in KOHINOOR Diaper Plant.  Data acquisition & Control of Toll Plaza (17 MILES) Page 8 of 19  Supply of Automatic Main Failure (AMF Panels) for Generators (Pakistan Motorway)  Digital Logic Based Fault Indication Panels (Pakistan Tobacco Co. Ltd.)  PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY  Automation of Capsule Packing Machine for GLAXO WELCOME PAKISTAN PVT. LTD.  Automation of Blister Packing Machine for UPJOHN PHARMACIA. PLC based solution for detection of tablets & detection of any metal part in Packet by Photoelectric Sensors. Heat Control system by Temperature Controllers for Blister Packing Machine.  Automation of Transparent Ampoule detection machine for INDUSTRAD USA LAHORE.  Automation of Transparent Film detection machine for TRI-PACK FILMS LTD HATTAR.  Automation of Coating Machine for Shaigan Pharmaceutical Rawalpindi.  OTHER AUTOMATION PROJECTS:  Automation & PLC control of Sintering Press.  Automation & control + Data Acquisition of Toll Plaza Kohat Tunnel.  Automation & PLC control of Asphalt plant CDA. Recipes selection and Report Printing.  Automation of Injection and Blow molding machines. (40 units)  Automation of Centrifugal section Sugar Plant  Automation of Traffic lights for traffic & time, Clients CDA, RDA, LDA, KDA.  SUPPLY OF PLC Training Kits to UET Taxila, NFC Institute of Engineering Technology Multan Creative Electronics & Automation is working in the field of Grounding/Lightning Solutions for the last 10 years. Crest is capable of doing all sorts of Earthing for Towers, Buildings etc. by adapting latest techniques & material for Grounding solutions.  AUTOMATION OF FEED PLANT (DCS BASED) Page 9 of 19 Data Acquisition & Control of M/S Big Feed plant by using Omron latest PLC’s (CS1 Series, having I/O Capacity of 15,000) with DeviceNet DCS is used. Visual Basic & Omron Complete tools are designed to run SCADA on PC’s.  AUTOMATION OF 135MW POWER HOUSE (DCS + SCADA BASED PLC SOLUTION) Data Acquisition & Control of M/S Pakistan Power Resources (PPR) by GE Gas Turbine installed at Faisalabad Road Bhiki using Omron latest PLC’s (CS1 Duplex System, Double Redundant PLC’s) with DeviceNet DCS and Adastra SCADA Software is used. Visual Basic & Omron Complete tools are designed to run SCADA on PC’s.
Affiliations (national/ international : Crest is authorized distributor of following Principals in Pakistan. a) OMRON, JAPAN. (FACTORY AUTOMATION & CONTROL COMPONENTS). b) Fine Power UPS (Origin U.S.A) c) FINE POWER STABILIZERS (Origin U.S.A) d) FINE POWER SURGE PROTECTION DEVICES (Origin U.S.A) e) Fine Automation (Control Components) f) LDS Technologies Lighting Solution (Origin U.S.A) g) Boltek Corporation Canada (Thunder storm Sensors etc) h) Adastra SCADA Russia (SCADA System) i) MikroElektronika (Embedded Control Systems) j) Fine Power Generators with original Perkins, Cummins & Deutz Engine. With Leroy Somer & Stamford Alternator. k) FIL Lighting and Electric equipment Ltd. l) Power Electronics, Spain for Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters. m) Leviton, USA, for Occupancy sensors.
Other information : n/a