Blueline Technology   |   Private

User Area : Solar/PV,Solar Thermal,Hybrid,Solar Water Pumps
Type of Organization : Importer,Consultant,CDM Project Support
Concerned Person : Mian Imran Azhar
Telephone : 03335557086
Fax : 051 4865283
Address : House No 621,street 45,I-8/2 Islamabad
Email :
Website :

Area of Expertise : Solar Power, Solar thermal and solar pumping system size and manufacturer of galvanized CNC PV framing according to seismic and wind load calculations available in Maga watts structure
Equipment/ Machines available : Sun data calculators,DC system measuring tools. Dc wiring testing meters and tools
Experts with their relevant area : PV power,Water tube well and thermal through heat pipes industrial,commercial and domestic
Products and Services : PV solar panels water pumps and thermal energy
Capacity per shift for each product : skilled staff for all the time during execution of project.
Estimated Cost for each product : 1 billion

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Mechanism : All project quality assured through engineering staff of consultant after that we execute the project either in watts or in Mega watts
Testing Facilities : yes
Certification : ISO applied

Past projects / Joint Ventures/ Collaborations : Pakistan Army,JP Lowery LLC USA
Affiliations (national/ international : JP Lowery LLC USA
Other information : We take apart in all activities of Alternative energy by Government of Pakistan and looking for reasonable partners for IPP project of Solar and Wind energy about 50 to 100 Mega watts