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User Area : Solar Thermal,Wind,Geo-thermal,Bio-mass/bio-fuels,Energy from waste,Conservartion & Energy Efficiency,Coal Fire Boilers
Type of Organization : Importer,Exporter,Supplier,Consultant,Service Provider
Concerned Person : Mr Owais Mir
Telephone : 0092-21-34322252
Fax : 0092-21-34304503
Address : 301-Business Centre 19/1-A,Block-6, PECHS,Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karachi (Pakistan)
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Area of Expertise : Coal Fire Boilers, Renewable and Alternate Energy
Equipment/ Machines available : Diesel Welding Plants 400-500amp, Electric Welding Plants, 5ton Hydraulic Crane, 2.5ton Truck Mounted Hydraulic Crane, De watering pumps, Air Compressor 600CFM,Sand Blasting Unit complete, Hydrostatic testing pump, pipe cutting and beveling machine, external lineup clamps 4" through 30" dia, Vehicles, Chain Blocks 5ton capacity, Chain block 2 tons capacity, Angle grinders 9" disc size, table cutting machine 14" disc, pedestal drill machine, hand drill machine, air compressor for painting, electric generators 15Kva, oxygene acetylene cutting sets, theodolight and dumpy level, compactor roller, excavator, water tanker
Experts with their relevant area : 7
Products and Services : Wind turbine, Fire coal Boilers, SNG, bio mass
Capacity per shift for each product : n/a
Estimated Cost for each product : n/a

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Quality Assurance Mechanism : n/a
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