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User Area : Solar/PV,Solar Thermal,Wind,Bio-mass/bio-fuels,Hybrid,Energy from waste,Conservartion & Energy Efficiency,Solar Water Pumps,LEDs/ LEVs & allied products,Solar geysers, water heaters and allied products,Solar Cooing
Type of Organization : Importer,Exporter,Supplier,Operation & Maintenance,Consultant,Service Provider,ESO
Concerned Person : RAJA NAZEEM UL AMIN
Telephone : +92-51-2113979
Fax : +92-51-2113980
Address : House# 299,Street# 3, F10/3,ISLAMABAD (PAKISTAN)
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Area of Expertise : Renewabl Energy and Energy Efficiency
Equipment/ Machines available : Production Facility:Solar water heater,LED Lights
Experts with their relevant area : Local & Chinese technical experts from design to installation and after sale support
Products and Services : n/a
Capacity per shift for each product : Solar water Heater:100system per shift and LED 100Lights per shift
Estimated Cost for each product : Solar water heater:340Ltr(Rs.30,000/-)LED Rs.15,000/ to Rs.28,000/(from 50watt to 200watt street light)

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Mechanism : Solar water heater & LED Lights:Certified, In process to get ISO certification materials and techniocal support by chinese experts
Testing Facilities : Appropriate equipmets to test the quality
Certification : Local certification is not available so we are planning to get approprate certification from International recognize bodies

Past projects / Joint Ventures/ Collaborations : JV in Technical field with chinese companies
Affiliations (national/ international : International Solar Energy Society,Germany.Alternative Energy Development Borad,Pakistan.
Other information : n/a