Nouveau Energy Management Services Pvt Limited   |   Private

User Area : Wind,Bio-mass/bio-fuels,Energy from waste,Conservartion & Energy Efficiency
Type of Organization : Consultant,CDM Project Support,Education/Training
Concerned Person : Muhammad Kashif/Hammad Bashir
Telephone : +92-51-90856315-6, +92-51-2552340, +92-321-5296546
Fax : +92-51-90856222
Address : NUST, 1st Floor CIE/TIC Building, Innovation Drive, Sector H-12, Islamabad.
Email :
Website :,

Area of Expertise : CDM Project Development/ Energy Management
Equipment/ Machines available : GHG Estimation Tools,Emission Analyzers,UNFCCC Met.
Experts with their relevant area : 14 Experts: Area is CDM Project development, GHG Estimation and Control, Industrial Renewable Energy advisory and support, Waste Water Treatment specialist, Bio Mass, and Waste to Energy Specialist.
Products and Services : Project Development Services for CDM Projects/Energy Planning and Advisory
Capacity per shift for each product : N.A
Estimated Cost for each product : N.A

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Mechanism : n/a
Testing Facilities : n/a
Certification : n/a

Past projects / Joint Ventures/ Collaborations : n/a
Affiliations (national/ international : n/a
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