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User Area : Solar/PV,Solar Thermal,Wind,Hybrid,Energy from waste,Solar Water Pumps,LEDs/ LEVs & allied products,Solar geysers, water heaters and allied products,Geo-thermal
Type of Organization : Manufacturer,Importer,Supplier,Operation & Maintenance
Concerned Person : Muhammad Khalid
Telephone : +92-51-111888786
Fax : +92-51-4430508
Address : 77-78, Street 10, Industrial Area, I-9/2, Islamabad
Email :
Website :

Area of Expertise : Local Development of Stirling Engine (10 kW & 25 kW). Prototype is ready, Development of ORC Turbine with waste-heat & solar energy (200 kW to 400 kW) in R&D, Geo-thermal turbines in pipeline & also with solar energy, Parabolic through energy from solar starting from 5MW upto 100s of MW with storage system in case of cloudy weather with closed system steam turbine.
Equipment/ Machines available : 10 kW Stirling Engine available for deployment to harvest energy from solar source (Modules can be integrated upto a capacity of 1 MW or more)
Experts with their relevant area : A highly diversified team of professionals with experience in Solar Energy, Geo-Thermal Energy, Hybrid Systems & Wind Energy.
Products and Services : Stirling Engine, ORC Turbines, Solar Heaters/Geysers, Solar Water Pumps, LED Lighting Solutions, Solar PV Electric Power Systems, Solar Parabolic through steam turbines.
Capacity per shift for each product : Dependent on the product (Details can be provided if required)
Estimated Cost for each product : Dependent on the product (Details can be provided if required)

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Mechanism : Under process
Testing Facilities : Development of testing labs under process and near completion
Certification : Can be provided depending on product

Past projects / Joint Ventures/ Collaborations : Negotiating with various companies for collaboration
Affiliations (national/ international : Under process
Other information : We are currently developing our own 10 kW dish ALTERNATE ENERGY RESOURCE PORTAL FORM email: Stirling Engine which will be ready for deployment within 06 months and also can import 10 kW dish stirling engines from European Companies for multi-arrays to harvest solar energy (Min 1 MW upto 100s of MWs). It can be done in very short time period. Development of 1 kW upto 3 kW linear solar stirling engine for residential application and can be deployed in a multi-array configuration to harvest solar energy. Working on development of ORC turbine with waste-heat and solar energy which can harvest solar energy or any heat source in the capacity of MWs.