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User Area : Solar/PV,Solar Thermal,Wind,Hybrid,Conservartion & Energy Efficiency,Solar Water Pumps,LEDs/ LEVs & allied products,Solar geysers, water heaters and allied products
Type of Organization : Importer,Supplier,Consultant,Service Provider,CDM Project Support
Concerned Person : Zaigham Imtiaz
Telephone : +92-342-3336665
Fax : n/a
Address : 1-Upper Mall Scheme
Email :
Website :

Area of Expertise : Solar Energy Production technologies
Equipment/ Machines available : Crystal Puller, Diffusion Furnace, Module Manufacturing equipment, testing equipment
Experts with their relevant area : Photovoltaics founded in 2007
Products and Services : various in PV field
Capacity per shift for each product : n/a
Estimated Cost for each product : various

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Mechanism : Various testing and QA processes in the production of modules
Testing Facilities : Sun Simulator
Certification : n/a

Past projects / Joint Ventures/ Collaborations : Various with PCRET for the supply of diffusion furnace,crystal puller and other PV equipment
Affiliations (national/ international : CAA, PCRET, BTU, Despatch,Thermco
Other information : n/a